Astronomy in  Dark Sky Reserve of Cévennes

Come to discover the international reserve of starry sky, RICE Cévennes, the quality of the sky and the beauty of the nocturnal landscapes of the National Park.

 Stars, constellations and the Milky Way can be admired easily, to the delight of amateur astronomers.


The quality and the blackness of our sky is really exceptional, celestial objects very weakly luminous as for example M51 are well detailed, the arms are revealed in direct vision in the 400mm ... The galaxy of Bode or the Cigar are superb just like the Sombrero or the Ghost of Jupiter.


Whether with binoculars, newton, or big Dobsonia you should find the perfect location for you to make quality observations or images, thanks to an ever darker sky ... you will have at your disposal a table and Electricity outside.


I would gladly take a moment with you to observe some interesting objects with the Dobson 406/1800.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we detail you more the location, the angles of view, ....

If you want to rent a telescope on site contact me!